About Us

Cooking & Baking has always been one of my greatest Passions for as long as I can remember. It’s like sharing a piece of yourself with the people you Love. I began baking Rum Cakes in 1985 to give to my Friends as Gifts! It grew and my 3 Children said, “Mom, Start Selling the Cakes!!!”

Everyone that tastes Pati's Rum Cakes loves them and wants more! I bring

Pati's Rum Cakes everywhere I go, and if anyone does work at my house, they leave

with a slice of cake!

One of my Magical ingredients is to turn the music up full blast and have Robby Krieger of the Doors or Santana playing in the kitchen with me! Now, you didn't think I was really going to devulge my entire secret recipe, did ya? But I can tell you, it's the real deal!

My son, Scotty, left this planet in 2006 and was pushing me to start Pati's Rum Cakes full out. I named our LLC “Mucho Take It Easy” because that was Scotty’s nickname. Whenever he needed to, he would bring Pati's Rum Cakes with him to help seal the deal or just to

bring LOVE! AND IT WORKED! He always said, "Mom, your Rum Cakes are Magical!"

So, our Pati's Rum Cakes Business is in his Honor.

I hope that my Magical Rum Cake works for you as well. I am truly blessed to be doing this - even more blessed that this company is a Family Business with my darling daughters,

Kristi and Angela...and of course, my Scotty overseeing everything!

Please enjoy Pati's Rum Cakes and remember to "Spread Our Love Around!"

Ambassador of Love!
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